What a girl needs…

One of my first jobs when I turned twenty years old was working in a tennis club. I remember how, on the day before receiving my paycheck, I used to dream about all the things I would buy… “Clothes, a coach bag, jewelry, a new phone; no wait, I just bought a new phone”. Yes, I would spend more than I made. Just the thought of buying it would make me happy. “Save your money,” its always on my New Year resolution list.

Today, I think twice about buying something. Am I cured from liking to shop, probably not. The difference is that I have stopped buying things that I do not need. Of course; jewelry, a bag, another pair of shoes is always on every girls’ list!

Doing something nice for yourself is never a bad idea … is it?

And because a post is always better with a photo, here is one of my favorite bags from Betsey Johnson.

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