Wedding Photography Directory : 2010 Contest

With my kids in school now, I have time to enter my photos in various photography contests.  My first photo entry is at Wedding Photography Directory.  I picked a photo from Liz and Fram’s wedding at the Waterview.  This photo was not posed.  After the ceremony, they went into the bridal party and kissed.   Noticing a mirror behind the couple, I focused on their faces in the mirror and took the shot.

Today, to my great surprise,  I learned that that photo was chosen from over 2600 entries for the finalist round.  Photographers from all over the world sent photos in for consideration in the contest.

Then, I saw it… Yes, that’s my photo. Wow.  Right away, I scrolled down to look at the images and saw my photo ………. this is mine!  Knowing that anything is possible, I am now hoping to have my photo end up in “First Place” and you can help make that happen.

Please take a moment to look at all of the images on this website and vote ….. (I hope you can vote for me)!

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