Free Photo Shoot - Fabuluxe Photos

Free Photo Shoot

Free Photo Shoot - Fabuluxe Photos


Fabuluxe Photos is now offering Boudoir Sessions. These Sessions are all about you, let’s spend the day shooting you like a supermodel.

I will be accepting entries for two FREE Photo Shoots through the months of September & October.  The winners will be chosen on November 5th. based on their personal style & reasons for wanting me to shoot their session. For more information email me at with a subject line “Free Boudoir Session” – Thank you & Good Luck!!


Join Us In October …..

Celebrate Your Family and Bring a Smile to a Needy Child!


Join us in October for Family Portrait Month benefitting operation Smile. :)

During Family Portrait Month — October 2008 — we’ll donate your $50.00 session fee to PPA Charities to benefit Operation Smile, which treats children around the world who suffer with cleft lips, cleft palates and other facial deformities. Celebrate the joy of family with a matchless family portrait from Fabuluxe Photos! Call now. Appointments limited! Remember…Your family portrait is perfect for holiday cards!

Family Portrait Sessions includes family, children, maternity, & newborns.  Complementary 8X10 Portrait will be included on each session!

If you would like to make a donation ($25 minimum) send me an email at


Thank You

Sex and the City

Sex and the city

Sex and the City

I had never watch  the program before, I decided to watch the movie because everyone is talking about how great it is. I was going to watch it with a friend next week, but then………

……………On father’s day, my husband and I were going to watched Indiana Jones and the show started 20 min. before we were there and he agreed to watch the movie with me.

** Guys:  If you are thinking about going with your girl to watch the movie; think again.  My husband was the only male inside watching a girl’s movie.

Eventhought I never watched the program before ddn’t matter.  Its a fabulous movie.  Not only I will watch it again but I am going to start watching the show. –

Wedding Photography Directory : 2010 Contest

With my kids in school now, I have time to enter my photos in various photography contests.  My first photo entry is at Wedding Photography Directory.  I picked a photo from Liz and Fram’s wedding at the Waterview.  This photo was not posed.  After the ceremony, they went into the bridal party and kissed.   Noticing a mirror behind the couple, I focused on their faces in the mirror and took the shot.

Today, to my great surprise,  I learned that that photo was chosen from over 2600 entries for the finalist round.  Photographers from all over the world sent photos in for consideration in the contest.

Then, I saw it… Yes, that’s my photo. Wow.  Right away, I scrolled down to look at the images and saw my photo ………. this is mine!  Knowing that anything is possible, I am now hoping to have my photo end up in “First Place” and you can help make that happen.

Please take a moment to look at all of the images on this website and vote ….. (I hope you can vote for me)!

What a girl needs…

One of my first jobs when I turned twenty years old was working in a tennis club. I remember how, on the day before receiving my paycheck, I used to dream about all the things I would buy… “Clothes, a coach bag, jewelry, a new phone; no wait, I just bought a new phone”. Yes, I would spend more than I made. Just the thought of buying it would make me happy. “Save your money,” its always on my New Year resolution list.

Today, I think twice about buying something. Am I cured from liking to shop, probably not. The difference is that I have stopped buying things that I do not need. Of course; jewelry, a bag, another pair of shoes is always on every girls’ list!

Doing something nice for yourself is never a bad idea … is it?

And because a post is always better with a photo, here is one of my favorite bags from Betsey Johnson.

Behind my lense : Second Shooter

At the beginning of my career I didn’t understand how a couple could work together as photographer’s.  They see each other all day:  why would they want to work together on a photo shoot?  This all changed when I was shooting a wedding and I asked a photographer to work with me…  everything was going well until the reception.  The photographer I had working with me started mentioning “her business” to people at the wedding.  She even asked me if she could hand out her business cards.  There had to be a better way I thought.  This was the moment in time when my husband became my “Second Photographer!”  Little by little he started learning the skills he would need and now, it’s been over 2 years.

If you are a photographer who always uses a second shooter, make sure you always talk to the person about what you expect from them.  I also believe that the second shooter should have some of the main photographer’s business cards in case a guest or a wedding vendor asks for one. If you have someone you trust who is interested in photography, be sure to train them yourself.  It is your work and it must meet your standard. Get them involved. Take photography workshops together and show them your work and talk about what you like, and perhaps most important be sure they are able to communicate with clients in a pleasing professional manner while keeping everyone happy!

And because a post looks better with a picture.  Here is me!

Massachusetts Wedding : Rebecca and Chris

Rebecca’s wedding took place in Masachussets.  I had never been at the venue before. As soon as I arrived I fell in love with it. Looking at the venue; The Villa Madiera Ballroom reminded me of Mexico and a “Hacienda”.  The bridal room was very close to the door I walked through to enter.  It was there that I met Rebecca for the first time, Yes, minutes before she walked down the aisle.  After greeting everyone and letting them get ready, I started taking photos of wedding details as I did not have much time before the ceremony.

And … if you would like to see more photos from their wedding… check my facebook page.

“The end result was beyond my hopes” …



I went to Maryland for 1 week and came back home with a lot of great surprises I will be blogging soon!! …. My favorite one is a fabulous voicemail…..

“I receive the album today and I had to call you to tell you, It is the most beautiful, meticulously design well crafted album I had ever seen. Its just a piece of art and I cannot thank you enough, not only was a complete pleasure to work with you; before, during and the day of my wedding.”

My favorite part  ……

“The end result was beyond my hopes, it was a… you far exceeded my expectations and trust me I had very high expectations to begin with.”

“I wanted you to heard that. I wanted you to know how much we appreciate your work.”

– Wouldn’t you love to have a job where at the end someone calls you to let you know how much they appreciate and love what you did?? –

I also got a letter from a bride & groom; their wedding is this month….. I can’t wait.

“Claudia, Thanks again for agreeing to be our photographer! We can’t wait! Hope everything is going well with you…”


I LOVE what I do.

How about you?

Ten Eyck SUPER Tuesdays!

I just went to Carla’s blog and read the great news that she will start offering a full day shooting and post-production intensive workshop; and the best of all this ….  It is limited to only THREE photographers per class.



Wanna know something better? ….. It’s only $350.- p/person with Mexican lunch included. What? You don’t like Mexican…?

Here is what she is going to cover:

We are going to SHOOT!

The focus will be on portraits- they can be bridal or engagement- the point being it has to be a solid portrait, which you can then apply to whatever you love shooting.

But: we are going to focus on GETTING IT RIGHT IN CAMERA, the first time! That’s right! No shooting and then saying, ‘well, what if you asked them to look this way- your shot would be perfect’, or ‘I wish that you had opened your lens up more’ etc. NO.
Set it up.
Shoot it.
Is it working?

And then….. learn how to MAKE IT WORK!

—Carla Ten Eyck—

If you need more information OR you are ready to sign up visit her blog here – Enter Coupon Code “Guacamole” to receive $1.00 off


*Note.  Mexican Lunch!!! (Keep dreaming)