Marquee CT : Melissa and John : Part 1

Melissa and John were a perfect couple who had the perfect wedding.  She was meticulous in every detail.  I loved one of the idea she had for guests to find their seats.  Taking an enlargment photo from her engagment session, Melissa first divided the photo into about 150 equal sections.  Each of these sections would then become a “Seating Card” for a guest.  A second identical enlarged photo was then placed on an easel.  Each of the “Seating Cards” was attached to the easel mounted photo.  Each guest would find their name, remove their card and find their seat! Get the picture?…. If not, you will see the image on “Part 2″ :)

Melissa’s aunt served as the officiant and gave the perfect speech.  All of the guests had a great time dancing at the reception, but no one dancing more than John’s little boy.  Opening the floor, he never stopped!

The ceremony and wedding reception was held at the beautiful Gershon Fox Room, Hartford CT.  Their website is

John surprised Melissa with a wedding present….

Melissa looked amazing….

Color or black OR white? ….

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