Fabuluxe Q&A : Fixed Lenses

Welcome to the first post of “Fabuluxe Q&A”…A post where  I will be addressing questions I have been asked over  past months about photography. I like short answers to question and these answers are designed to point newbies (hopefully) in the right direction. I invite you to submit questions about digital photography by email to me at claudia@fabuluxephotos.com and then stop back for your answer.

What kind of lens do you recommend for someone starting out?

At the beginning of my career as a photographer, my favorite lense was the 18-135 mm,  a zoom lens that allowed me to stand in one spot and take my shots.  Fixed lenses intimidated me as I needed to keep moving knowing that If I didn’t, I might miss a shot.  My world changed when I attented a photography workshop and I was asked to use my prime lens. The skills I learned gave me confidence with a prime lense. After that day, I have forced myself to use it at weddings and have fallen in love with it.  If you are looking for a good lense, I would recommend my one of my favorites … The 50 mm, 1.4. An ideal first lens; perfect for portraits, boudoir photography or weddings.

Here is a image I took with my 50mm at 1.4 –

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