Ten Eyck SUPER Tuesdays!

I just went to Carla’s blog and read the great news that she will start offering a full day shooting and post-production intensive workshop; and the best of all this ….  It is limited to only THREE photographers per class.



Wanna know something better? ….. It’s only $350.- p/person with Mexican lunch included. What? You don’t like Mexican…?

Here is what she is going to cover:

We are going to SHOOT!

The focus will be on portraits- they can be bridal or engagement- the point being it has to be a solid portrait, which you can then apply to whatever you love shooting.

But: we are going to focus on GETTING IT RIGHT IN CAMERA, the first time! That’s right! No shooting and then saying, ‘well, what if you asked them to look this way- your shot would be perfect’, or ‘I wish that you had opened your lens up more’ etc. NO.
Set it up.
Shoot it.
Is it working?

And then….. learn how to MAKE IT WORK!

—Carla Ten Eyck—

If you need more information OR you are ready to sign up visit her blog here – Enter Coupon Code “Guacamole” to receive $1.00 off


*Note.  Mexican Lunch!!! (Keep dreaming)