“The end result was beyond my hopes” …



I went to Maryland for 1 week and came back home with a lot of great surprises I will be blogging soon!! …. My favorite one is a fabulous voicemail…..

“I receive the album today and I had to call you to tell you, It is the most beautiful, meticulously design well crafted album I had ever seen. Its just a piece of art and I cannot thank you enough, not only was a complete pleasure to work with you; before, during and the day of my wedding.”

My favorite part  ……

“The end result was beyond my hopes, it was a… you far exceeded my expectations and trust me I had very high expectations to begin with.”

“I wanted you to heard that. I wanted you to know how much we appreciate your work.”

– Wouldn’t you love to have a job where at the end someone calls you to let you know how much they appreciate and love what you did?? –

I also got a letter from a bride & groom; their wedding is this month….. I can’t wait.

“Claudia, Thanks again for agreeing to be our photographer! We can’t wait! Hope everything is going well with you…”


I LOVE what I do.

How about you?