Behind my lense : Second Shooter

At the beginning of my career I didn’t understand how a couple could work together as photographer’s.  They see each other all day:  why would they want to work together on a photo shoot?  This all changed when I was shooting a wedding and I asked a photographer to work with me…  everything was going well until the reception.  The photographer I had working with me started mentioning “her business” to people at the wedding.  She even asked me if she could hand out her business cards.  There had to be a better way I thought.  This was the moment in time when my husband became my “Second Photographer!”  Little by little he started learning the skills he would need and now, it’s been over 2 years.

If you are a photographer who always uses a second shooter, make sure you always talk to the person about what you expect from them.  I also believe that the second shooter should have some of the main photographer’s business cards in case a guest or a wedding vendor asks for one. If you have someone you trust who is interested in photography, be sure to train them yourself.  It is your work and it must meet your standard. Get them involved. Take photography workshops together and show them your work and talk about what you like, and perhaps most important be sure they are able to communicate with clients in a pleasing professional manner while keeping everyone happy!

And because a post looks better with a picture.  Here is me!

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